CHRISTIAN TODAY: Gospel Star Travis Greene To Perform At Donald Trump Inauguration

Black gospel singer Travis Greene has revealed that he has accepted an invitation to perform at the inauguration of Donald Trump.

He tweeted and instagrammed it with the words: "Family, I have something very special to share – and I wanted you to hear directly from me."

In his post on Instagram, he said: "Man, I'm overwhelmed by the favour and the love of our Jesus Christ." He said the past couple of years, the doors Jesus had opened for him had blown his mind.

"One of those doors was an invitation next week to the inaugural ball to Washington DC. "After much prayer, deliberation and soul searching - I literally spoke to most of my spiritual advisers thoguhtout the country - it was an overwhelming  'go'. Tht's what they told me, that they believed this was the will of God."

This was because in the Bible, God gave His servants access to power, so they could speak to Kings they agreed and disagreed with. He did not want to sit back and complain, but to take the "light of Jesus" into the culture where it belongs.

Travis Greene