The basis behind Travis Greene's #EngageCulture movement

Grammy-nominated artist Travis Greene has engaged his fans with hit songs and inspirational messages over the years. But now the pastor-gospel performer is using his influential platform in a brand new way with his #EngageCulture movement, which merges culture with music and inspiration around the world. He tells ABC Radio that the idea for #EngageCulture started because, "like many people, have found so many things around me to complain [about]." 

The 33-year-old star continues, "For so long, I complained about different things in culture," adding, "For so long, I looked at different things that were happening in [the] mainstream and I looked at it and was like, 'Wow. I kinda hate that. I hate that that represents our generation.' I did the same thing for church." 

"Eventually God just told me to hush up. There's only three responses you can have to culture. You can complain about it, which so many people do. You can tolerate it and just confirm to whatever's going on. Or you can confront it...and literally engage in it."  

Travis adds, "God just kind of taught me that passion is birthed out of problems. So, when you see something that you don't agree with, or that you're not a fan of or that you don't like, often times He'll empower you to be the difference, to be the change."  

"That's what I believe I'm called to do. I believe we're called to do. I believe it's our responsibility to engage in culture," he says.

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